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Youth September 20, 2017

    Plan to Protect:

    Plan to Protect is the Child and Youth Protection Policy of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador and its implementation and inservicing are a requirement of every local church.  Winning Kids Inc. is the provider of abuse prevention and child and youth protection for  the PAONL.  WKI has customized tools, training, policies and procedures to help leaders and their organizations meet that standard of protection. WKI’s best-selling publication, Plan to Protect® (first written in 1996), is a manual for those that work with children and youth.

    WKI’s products and services include:

    • Plan to Protect®– it all begins here. Our comprehensive manual is a great resource, including abuse awareness, case studies, sample policies and procedures. It also includes dozens of helpful forms and templates;
    • Customized policies and procedures;
    • Risk assessments;
    • The voice of risk management in a consultative and backoffice role;
    • Strategic planning;
    • Policy audits;
    • Benchmarking industry standards of protection;
    • Access to a network of member organizations coupled with valuable benefits and recognition;
    • Consulting services when a child has been placed in protective care;
    • Criminal record checks;
    • Reference checks;
    • Consulting services for designing a program for individuals with disabilities;
    • Certification training for trainers and administrators;
    • On-site facilitators for orientation and refresher training for protection;
    • Online training for abuse prevention and child protection;
    • Executive coaching for leaders working with children and youth;
    • A web-based Information Management System;
    • Speaker’s Bureau providing excellent special guest speakers for board meetings, special events, conferences, church services, parent/grandparent seminars and professional development training; and
    • Additional resources and recommended reading to raise awareness of abuse prevention and care for children and youth

    The Winning Kids team is comprised of programming specialists for children, teacher training, special needs, early childhood education, and communications. We also have an impressive team of advisors that we consult when writing policies and processes.

    To access the PAONL’s Plan to Protect documents click HERE! (Please note: the access code for the PAONL’s documents is contained on the front page of the Winning Kids Plan to Protect Manual.)

    Winning Kids Inc Contact Information


    • Toll Free: 1-877-455-3555
    • French: (514)-878-9795
    • Phone: 905-943-2982
    • Fax: 905-943-2981

    Mailing address: Winning Kids Inc., 3601 Hwy #7 E., Suite 400, Markham, ON L3R 0M3